White Collar Criminal Defense

In our criminal casework, Perry Law is regularly able to secure declinations, dismissals, and downgraded charges for our clients. Most of our white-collar work is non-public due to the potential damaging nature of the allegations to our clients’ livelihoods; we pride ourselves on our consistent ability to secure silent wins for our clients so that baseless, career-ruining allegations are kept out of the public eye.

Perry Law has had particular success in cases before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Our successes in publicly-filed cases include criminal charges against Michael Rose (who was accused of sanctions violations, bank fraud, and money laundering, and who ultimately pled guilty only to a single customs violation and received a non-incarceratory sentence) and Keith Allen (who was charged as part of a massive RICO conspiracy and who pled only to a single misdemeanor, for which he served a sentence of probation). We create hyper=specific strategies and investigative methods for our clients, resulting in innovative solutions. Our extensive public service experience enables our efficient teams to effectively engage with prosecutors and government agencies, thereby delivering better outcomes at lower costs.

From 2002 to 2013, Founding Partner E. Danya Perry served as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, including as Senior Trial Counsel and Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, she investigated, prosecuted, and supervised hundreds of incredibly complex white-collar cases, including the prosecution of a billion-dollar health care fraud, the largest immigration fraud and tax preparer frauds in the history of the United States, and one of the largest identity theft rings in the United States. In 2013, Ms. Perry was appointed by the Governor and the Attorney General to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the State of New York and Chief of Investigations for the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption. In this role, she led a sweeping investigation into public corruption in New York State, recommended policies for systemic reform, and referred numerous matters for criminal prosecution.

Ms. Perry serves on the Criminal Justice Act panel for the Southern District of New York, leading to the assignment of multiple pro bono federal criminal defense cases to our firm. In addition to exhibiting our commitment to equal access to justice for all, our firm continues to build upon our criminal defense expertise by constantly honing our attorneys’ skills through additional challenging defense litigation cases. Ms. Perry’s consummate skill in white collar matters earned her recognition in the prestigious Chambers USA 2023 White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations rankings. Following up on this success, Perry Law as a whole has earned a ranking in the same category for Chambers’ 2024 publication, the details of which are forthcoming.


  • Successfully earned a formal declination for employees and agents of a world-renowned artist subject to a Manhattan grand jury investigation into recent sales of the artist’s work.
  • Representation of a former C-suite officer of a Cryptocurrency venture capital firm in connection with DOJ’s investigation into possible criminal activity at a subsidiary of the company, as well as a SEC investigation into the Company and its subsidiary.
  • Successfully gained a significantly downgraded sentence for Michael Rose, a cosmetics company executive charged with conspiring to violate United States sanctions, bank fraud, and money laundering for allegedly exporting goods to an Iranian company. Applicable sentencing guidelines called for 24 to 30 months’ imprisonment, and Mr. Rose was sentenced principally to a term of probation.
  • Downgraded federal felony charges to misdemeanor counts for Laurence Keith Allen, who had been charged in a vast racketeering conspiracy for his involvement in a sports gambling business based in Costa Rica.
  • Representation of a high-level executive of a world-renowned music artist’s corporate entity, named as a co-defendant in a civil case alleging misconduct on the part of the artist, and a subject in a federal criminal investigation into the artist’s alleged conduct.
  • Navigation of a criminal investigation by the Westchester DA’s Office into an employee at a nonprofit on which the executive sat on the Board. Through frequent interviews and communications, Perry Law was able to quickly end the Office’s focus on our client.
  • Representation of an elderly man who is currently being prosecuted for an alleged assault arising from claims made by his estranged daughter-in-law.
  • Co-counsel assisting with the successful effort of filing a motion seeking a modification of the conditions of the supervised release of a recently released probationer.
  • Representation of a college student accused of sexual assault. After filing an omnibus motion and providing the prosecution with extensive documentation and witness cooperation, the prosecution fully dismissed and sealed the case.