Employment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct

Perry Law is at the forefront of challenging inappropriate workplace conduct and retaliatory practices. Perry Law has successfully negotiated substantial 7-figure exit packages and won substantial recovery for its clients who suffered wrongful termination. Despite several high-profile instances of sexual harassment and assault against women in the past years, many industries have yet to fully come to terms with the risks women have faced, and continue to face, in the workplace. Perry Law continues to push for the equitable and fair treatment for every individual, regardless of gender, by pursuing cases that hold wrongdoers accountable for their misdeeds.

Our firm prides itself on holding perpetrators of sexual assault accountable. But we also work to vindicate the rights of those falsely accused, who are victims in their own way. False accusations of misconduct or discrimination can be undeservedly ruinous for individuals and organizations. Our commitment to vindicating the rights of sexual assault victims is furthered by purging the space of profiteers, whose false claims diminish the public’s willingness to believe those truly harmed. Perry Law’s practice represents both plaintiffs and defendants out of a firm moral commitment protecting the reputations and careers of our clients who are subject to fictitious claims, as well as the dignity and integrity of assault survivors.


  • Survivors of Sexual Assault: Perry Law has represented several individuals who were subjected to harassment and inappropriate treatment, including unwanted touching, sexually charged remarks and photographs, sexual demands, and rape. With our trauma-informed experts, Perry Law has assisted our clients in pursuing both civil remedies and criminal referrals against their attackers.
  • Victims of Employment Discrimination: Perry Law has represented numerous high-level female executives who have been subject to workplace discrimination and harassment based on their gender and age. Despite stellar credentials and track records of success, our clients regularly faced sexism and inappropriate behavior in traditionally “boys’ club” upper-level management environments. When our clients stood up to this mistreatment, several of them were terminated in acts of retaliation on blatantly pretextual grounds. Our clients turned to Perry Law to seek recovery for these wrongs. For others who still retained their positions, Perry Law took on the task of negotiating favorable exit packages.
  • Perry Law is lead counsel in the defense of Leon Black, the co-founder and former CEO of Apollo Global Management, a leading private equity firm, in multiple cases in New York state and federal courts. The lawsuits have garnered, and continue to garner, significant media attention. Since stepping down as head of Apollo Global Management, Mr. Black has been subjected to a seemingly concerted campaign of false and frivolous lawsuits, each more salacious than the last. Mr. Black’s legal team, led by Ms. Perry, has fought back aggressively and successfully, seeking to repair Mr. Black’s reputation and expose the falsity of the heinous and baseless allegations against him.