Commercial Litigation

Perry Law embraces a broad litigation practice, allowing us to serve clients across industries and commercial sectors. Representing both individuals and organizations, our attorneys have successfully negotiated over one hundred million dollars in settlements for individual plaintiffs, prevented baseless accusations from being made public, and protected clients from hundreds of millions of dollars in potential liabilities. The mere involvement of Perry Law in a matter helps positively shape its outcome — and it is fairly common for previously belligerent adverse parties to come hat-in-hand to Perry Law clients seeking settlement once our firm has been engaged.

From contract disputes to class action litigation and everything in between, our attorneys have extensive experience in arbitration, mediation, and litigation proceedings. We pride ourselves on delivering for our clients both in and out of the courtroom, developing tailored strategies to each client and matter, and eschewing the “one-size-fits-all” approach of larger firms. Additionally, our appellate experience allows us to serve commercial litigants even at advanced stages of a matter. Time and time again Perry Law attorneys have proven our ability to deliver for our clients in civil disputes and high-stakes litigation.


  • A week after a New York grand jury indicted ex-President Donald Trump on thirty-four counts of Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree based, in part, on Michael Cohen’s testimony, Trump sued Cohen in the Southern District of Florida seeking over $500 million in damages for purported breaches of fiduciary duty, breaches of contract, and conversion. Perry Law represented Mr. Cohen and promptly filed a motion to dismiss explaining that the complaint was retaliatory, legally deficient, and that the supposed claims were time-barred anyway. Our attorneys immediately pivoted to an aggressive discovery strategy to take the fight to the plaintiff and show that his claims were factually baseless too. To escape the burden of his discovery obligations, Trump voluntarily dismissed the case just one business day before he was to be deposed by Founding Partner E. Danya Perry.
  • Perry Law represented Ronald Meyer, the former Vice Chairman of NBC Universal. Mr. Meyer was sued by Joshua Newton, a filmmaker who claims that Mr. Meyer—while working at NBC Universal—agreed to act as Mr. Newton’s de facto talent agent and breached his fiduciary duties and defrauded Mr. Newton by making false statements about obtaining financing for and producing two film projects. Mr. Newton’s allegations against Mr. Meyer represented a thinly veiled effort to tarnish his reputation and obtain an unjustified financial windfall. The Perry Law team demonstrated that even the false allegations in Mr. Newton’s complaint were legally meritless. The court granted Mr. Meyer’s motion to dismiss in full and with prejudice. A federal appeals court later dismissed Mr. Newton’s appeal of Perry Law’s lower-court victory.
  • E. Danya Perry was retained to represent a number of current and former employees of Publicis Health, LLC (the “Agency”) as witnesses in connection with a civil lawsuit brought by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (“MAGO”) against the Agency: Commonwealth v. Publicis Health, LLC, No. 2184-cv-01055-BLS1 (Mass. Super. Ct., Suffolk County). The Agency is an advertising and marketing agency that was hired by Purdue Pharma to provide services related to several of Purdue’s products, including OxyContin. MAGO claims that the Agency’s advertising and marketing campaigns were deceptive and unfair, and created a public nuisance by contributing to the opioid epidemic. Our firm advised the current and former employees in connection with their depositions by MAGO, with a view toward minimizing their involvement in the lawsuit and any potential individual exposure.
  • Perry Law represented a world-renowned stylist and fashion designer in connection with a contract claim related to certain royalty payments that were owed to the designer and in their efforts to regain the ownership and control of their flagship brand from the entity that acquired it via an asset purchase agreement. Our attorneys successfully negotiated a settlement without any need for litigation, leaving both parties satisfied and able to continue a lucrative business relationship.
  • Our firm has served as co-lead counsel in a confidential arbitration involving a dispute between two former partners of a leading global investment manager and their duties and obligations to each other under applicable contracts.
  • Perry Law acts as outside counsel and legal advisor to the family office of the head of a preeminent investment manager. Perry Law advises the family office on a variety of issues, including analyzing the family office’s existing contractual arrangements and suggesting ways to protect the family office from possible litigation. Recently, Perry Law advised the family office with respect to the termination of several employees of companies controlled by the family office and is revising employment agreements for other employees to provide additional protection to the family office’s interests. This ongoing arrangement to provide “concierge” legal services to the family office represents an exciting opportunity for Perry Law to expand the traditional scope of litigation boutiques.