About Us

Perry Law is an innovative, elite litigation boutique built by lawyers who love to litigate, are committed to excellence, and know how to win. We are as selective of our clientele as we are of the lawyers we hire, and we only take on matters where creative, relentless advocacy can have a decisive effect.

Founded by E. Danya Perry, Perry Law brings together lawyers with a reputation for tough and successful advocacy during the hardest moments of their clients’ lives—be it fighting bet-the-company disputes, challenging wrongful termination and workplace discrimination, standing up to ruinous false accusations, or confronting sexual abusers. With vast experience in federal and state government, private practice, and academia, Perry Law attorneys are well equipped to represent companies and individuals in criminal matters, high-stakes government and internal investigations, regulatory inquiries, civil litigation, and appeals. The firm often secures favorable resolutions before a complaint is ever filed—in large part because its veteran trial lawyers are always ready to prevail in court at a moment’s notice.

Eschewing a “one-size-fits-all” approach, the firm develops highly tailored strategies and investigative techniques on behalf of its clients to deliver proactive solutions. Our breadth of experience and innovative thinking allows our lean teams to go toe-to-toe with New York’s biggest law firms, while at the same time prioritizing results instead of revenue, producing better outcomes with fewer unnecessary costs.

Perry Law partners Lili Timmermann, E. Danya Perry, and Pete Gwynne (left to rght)
Top Talent Produces Top Results

Our Story

The Perry Law team has a collective decades-long track record of success. Founding partner Danya Perry is one of New York City’s foremost litigators in both civil and criminal cases. A former federal prosecutor and New York Deputy AG known for her courtroom presence and strategic thinking, Danya is just as tenacious standing up to perpetrators of sexual abuse as she is defending her white collar and CJA clients in criminal matters.

The team also features Karen Friedman Agnifilo and Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, former senior officials in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, who have successfully prosecuted countless high-profile, groundbreaking, and challenging cases over their storied careers. It also includes former United States Congresswoman and Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. The entire Perry Law team shares the same commitment to excellence, and each attorney brings their own deep experience and success across government service, criminal defense, civil litigation, and academia.

The Perry Law team’s recent wins include obtaining dismissal of multi-million-dollar defamation and sexual assault claims against a high-profile financier; the dismissal of breach of fiduciary duty and other claims against a leading media executive; favorable settlement of numerous clients’ discrimination and sexual harassment claims; and securing acquittals, declinations, downgraded charges and, in many instances, avoiding prosecution entirely for individuals and companies facing criminal investigation and charges.

A Law Firm for Good

Our Commitment

As a 100% woman-owned firm, Perry Law is committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. The unique perspectives and experiences of each team member strengthen our ability to serve our clients with excellence.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion extends not only within our firm but also to our interactions with clients and the broader legal community. We strive to provide equal opportunities and fair representation to individuals from all backgrounds, ensuring that our services are accessible and inclusive. The firm’s commitment to service—including through its extensive pro bono, public interest, and social impact work—attracts community-minded attorneys who seek to use the law as an affirmative tool to improve access to justice and advance everyone’s rights.

At Perry Law, we recognize that achieving true equity and inclusion requires ongoing efforts and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. By working together, we can create a more inclusive legal landscape that reflects the diverse world we live in, and where everyone has equal access to justice and opportunities for success.

Left to right: Kathleen Rice (Of Counsel at Perry Law), E. Danya Perry (Founding Partner at Perry Law), and Karen Friedman Agnifilo (Of Counsel at Perry Law).