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Michael Cohen Helps Secure Landmark Guilty Verdict on All Counts in Hush-Money Case

NEW YORK – Today, the jury in Donald Trump’s criminal trial found Mr. Trump guilty of felony falsification of business records in connection with payments to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels that were made to conceal information from voters right before the 2016 election. This verdict was made possible through the forthright testimony of Perry Law client Michael Cohen. This conviction underscores the jury’s belief in Mr. Cohen’s testimony, highlighting his credibility and integrity as a key witness in this case.

“My client, Michael Cohen, demonstrated remarkable courage throughout the proceedings,” said Ms. Perry in a reaction to the verdict. “The jury’s unanimous verdict is a testament to his credibility and the truthfulness of his testimony. Perry Law is proud to have stood by Michael so he could share his story.”

Mr. Cohen’s testimony, over the course of four days, provided crucial first-hand information regarding former President Trump’s direction to pay off adult film star Stormy Daniels and the subsequent attempt to unlawfully conceal the payments. This verdict would not have been possible without his candor.