Quashed subpoenas against Lindsay Boylan Upheld

Perry Law client Lindsey Boylan was the first person to publicly accuse former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, inspiring a public reckoning that culminated in two investigations into Cuomo’s misconduct, both of which vindicated Boylan’s allegations. In retaliation, Cuomo and his co-defendant issued irrelevant and harassing subpoenas to Ms. Boylan for documents and testimony. Perry Law moved to quash and opposed a motion to compel, arguing that the subpoenas requested irrelevant information and were brought for the improper purposes of both harassing Boylan and relitigating the investigations into Cuomo’s misconduct.

The subpoenas were issued in two separate matters where Cuomo was sued by another two of his victims. Boylan is not a party in either matter, or any matter against Cuomo. Despite not having answered or brought counterclaims in the cases, Cuomo is attempting to use the case (where his defense is paid for by taxpayer money) to re-litigate the public investigations into his misconduct. Cuomo later filed a motion to reconsider a prior ruling quashing the subpoenas. Today the Honorable Magistrate Judge Sarah Cave outright denied the request to reconsider her prior ruling, holding that none of seventeen document requests were either relevant or proportional. The Perry Law team included attorneys Danya Perry and Krista Oehlke.