Danya Perry begins teaching at NYU

On Monday evening, Perry Law’s founder Danya Perry convened a group of NYU law students for the first meeting of “Professional Responsibility and the Regulation of Lawyers.” While most law school courses such as torts and constitutional law offer students a theoretical foundation to law, Professional Responsibility introduces students to the core and quotidian duties of practicing attorneys. In her weekly discussions with students, Danya will outline to students the duties, rules, and laws of the legal profession, including topics of attorney-client privilege, the duty of loyalty, and conflicts of interest.

A tried and tested attorney herself, Danya brings to class decades of experience and anecdotes that will expose students to some of the most common yet paramount problems in legal practice. Her first time teaching Professional Responsibility, Danya has previously taught a trial advocacy and prosecution clinic at NYU. Serving as teaching assistant for the class is Perry Law associate David Russell.