Successful (partial) quashing of Trump subpoena against Cohen

As part of his flailing defense against the Manhattan District Attorney’s case alleging thirty-four counts of Falsifying Business Records, former President Donald Trump issued an overbroad and specious subpoena against his former attorney Michael Cohen. Perry Law quickly moved to quash the subpoena on our client’s behalf. Today, the Honorable Judge Juan M. Merchan ruled largely in Perry Law’s favor, quashing large portions of the subpoena and severely narrowing other requests. The Perry Law team included Danya Perry, Alex Parachini, Joshua Stanton, and Alexander Nocks. Founding Partner E. Danya Perry issued a formal statement in November of this year discussing our motion to quash. Today’s victory vindicated our client’s position and Danya’s prior statement, shown below.

Statement of E. Danya Perry, founding partner of Perry Law, on moving to quash the sweeping subpoena Donald Trump served on her client, Michael Cohen, in Mr. Trump’s New York criminal case:

The DA’s criminal case against Trump is about lies in Trump’s own business records, not about Michael Cohen. This sweeping subpoena is nothing more than a fishing expedition hoping to turn up entirely unrelated dirt on someone who would be, at most, a non-party witness in the case. It violates governing principles of law and is a desperate ploy strictly foreclosed by criminal discovery rules. Hail Mary subpoenas like this come from a place of weakness.

We expect Trump’s latest attempt to harass witnesses against him—Michael Cohen in particular—to fall flat yet again.