Second Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Win in Newton v. Meyer Case

Perry Law’s most recent win is for Ronald Meyer, the former Vice Chairman of NBC Universal. Mr. Meyer was sued by Joshua Newton, a filmmaker who claims that Mr. Meyer—while working at NBC Universal—agreed to act as Mr. Newton’s de facto talent agent and breached his fiduciary duties and defrauded Mr. Newton by making false statements about obtaining financing for and producing two film projects. Our attorneys moved to dismiss Mr. Newton’s claims, which are legally meritless and factually wrong.

Mr. Newton’s allegations against Mr. Meyer represented a thinly veiled effort to tarnish his reputation and obtain an unjustified financial windfall. The Perry Law team demonstrated that the false allegations in Mr. Newton’s complaint were legally meritless, and in March 2023, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York granted Mr. Meyer’s motion to dismiss in full and with prejudice. Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Mr. Newton’s appeal of the District Court’s dismissal, confirming a complete victory for our client. Among our team who achieved this victory were Danya Perry and Alexander Parachini.